2nd Blogiversary!

Samaritan's Song is two years old! [Click title to read more.]


We Just Don’t Know

So much of the Bible emphasizes listening, avoiding careless or hasty speech, and being considerate of others. And so much of that is because we don't know the hidden depths of each human we meet, nor can we understand their hopes and fears and dreams and struggles. [Click title to read more.]

Spiritual Reflection Needs To Be More Than “What Am I Doing Wrong?”

It's hard to figure out how your faith walk is going if you never look at it, and yet we're often tempted to treat that sort of introspection the same way we treat food that is healthy but that we don't really want to eat: we put it on the back shelf of the fridge until it molds, and we pretend it isn't there. [Click title to read more.]