Weekly Round-Up

A week or so ago, I noticed a subtle change on my morning walks.

The squirrels were incredibly active.  Showers of leaves fell down and the humid air cooled.  I started seeing deer playing in the mornings.  And the familiar scent of wet leaves and fallen, split crab-apples reasserted itself in the woods.

“Fall’s here,” I announced to my husband when I came in.

“Not yet,” he returned.  And that was true, at least technically.  Accordingly to the calendar, fall arrives on September 23, and not a second before.  But fall had arrived, in defiance of the calendar, and realizing that reminded me of how often we try to define and set boundaries around everything God has made.  We try to capture time in minutes and hours, by naming days, but in the end, our perspective is so small.

God is eternal, and the days we mark are so brief by comparison.  The years that bind us mean nothing to Him; they’re the span of a moment.  There’s more, so much more than we can contemplate, ahead of us.

This week I wrote about the listening as a part of ministry, why the church should make an effort to encourage individual solitude with God, and I finished my three-part series on the lost art of Bible study in the church.

For now, a question: what’s your favorite faith-related book?  I’m looking to set up a list for reading and reviewing, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, enjoy these days as they go by, and recognize them for how brief they are.  Be blessed!


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