New Book Available!

Introvert Book Cover Version 3 Promo

So my guide The Christian Introvert’s Handbook is now available on Amazon!  You can purchase it here.

This book is the much-expanded and revised edition of the six-week Introverts in the Church study that I posted here some time ago.  Aside from editing and revising the chapters themselves, I added several appendices to this book: resources for introverts, a quick five-step guide for extroverts who don’t know how to deal with us, and a set of “scripts” to guide introverts through some of those awkward church situations.

Here’s the blurb for sums up what the book is about:

Introversion is a hot topic lately, and for Christian believers whose introversion has caused them to struggle in their own churches, it matters now more than ever. The Christian Introvert’s Handbook is for those who want to start remedying that struggle–today.

This book is a practical guide for those who stand awkwardly by the chips ‘n’ dip bowl at small group meetings. For believers who struggle to practice evangelism and ministry tactics that never seem to fit. For the bewildered among us who don’t quite know how to extricate ourselves from the fellowship opportunities that wear us out. And for the sorrowing whose alienation from their church threatens to break their fellowship with it.

God loves you just as you are. The Christian Introvert’s Guide will give you ways to work with and for your church–while keeping your personality and your sanity intact. Your journey starts here.

If you enjoyed the original (free) study or if you enjoy my writing, I hope you’ll consider purchasing this revised and expanded book that came from it – or recommending it to a friend.  Thanks are also due to all those who participated in the original study, and whose thoughts – given here or elsewhere – I included in my revisions as I went along.

This topic hits close to my heart and I enjoyed working on the study – I hope you enjoy reading it, too.


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