Weekly Round-Up

Whew.  I’m pretty pleased I managed to blog three times this week, even with a lingering cold that doesn’t seem like it’s leaving soon (prayers both sought and appreciated!)  I hope all of you are well; take care during this cold season!

This week I wrote about my first Ash Wednesday, why it’s better to focus on your own sin, and how Satan is totally not responsible for your hangnail.

Some questions to guide your thoughts this weekend and in the coming week:

  • In what ways are you preparing your heart for Easter?
  • In what ways do you have a tendency to judge others, and how might you benefit from turning that critical eye on yourself?
  • Do you ever blame Satan as a way of avoiding accountability for problems or issues in your life?

And keep your eyes peeled once spring hits for a new six-week study: I’ll be starting The Hunger Blessing, which is a study devoted to helping us cultivate and maintain a desire and hunger for closeness with God. (I originally wanted to call it The Easter Hangover: Keeping The Spirit after The Holiday Passes). I hope you’ll participate!

Bless you all, and keep safe and warm this weekend!


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