I’m One Year Old!

…or my blog is, anyway.

The blog birthday caught me by surprise – but sure enough, around this time last year I embarked on the creation of Samaritan’s Song.  Back then, the blog was a response to my simple desire to have “more” of God, and while it continues to sate that desire, since then it has also become a lot more for me: a prompt for my Biblical studies, a place to reflect, a place to ask questions and grow, and a place to learn, too.

To all of you who have followed the blog, commented, reblogged, or liked the posts this past year – thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I like getting to know you.  I like hearing from you.  I like being able to grow in the Lord with you.  Your presence here, even a quiet one, is an encouragement to me.  I look forward to hearing from you even more over the years!

And there are a few particular folks who have gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome, or who have given me a smile, or who have just generally uplifted me (maybe without even knowing it:  in particular, Laura at Enough Light (with whom I seem to share many, many thoughts and opinions, and who permitted me to review her lovely book Positively Powerless), and Elihu at Elihu’s Corner (whose general warmth and friendliness was and is so encouraging to me!).  Some of you have contributed a few lovely words to my blog via guest post (like the grace-proclaiming Steve Austin) and others have been so kind to reblog my posts with great consistent on Twitter and on WordPress as well (like Vincent S. Artale Jr. on Talmidimblogging).

And to those of you who have purchased my studies through Amazon – your support is more of a gift than you know to an aspiring writer, and I wish I knew your names so I could thank you properly!

To the dear friends and family who have told me on occasion that they read this blog: thank you, too, and I love you very much.  It makes me smile when I write knowing that you’re going to be reading.

I look forward to another year here at Samaritan’s Song – the first one has truly been a blessing in more ways than I could have dreamed.  God bless all of you, and thank you for making this first year a really wonderful one.




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