The Great Summer Book List

So I was thinking.  About packing.

I was thinking about packing because it’s pretty much summer, and summer means trips.  I was especially thinking about packing books, because this is a great time to get a lot of reading done.  In light of that, I thought it might be neat to solicit some suggestions for a summer book list  – not just for my sake, but because I know a lot of believers have some really great books they’d love to recommend.

My personal preferences run far and wide, but rather than dictate the type of book I’d like to see beyond a few general criteria, I’d love to just see you recommend something that you really, deeply, enjoyed.

What I’m saying is that I’D LOVE TO SEE YOUR BOOK SUGGESTIONS.  As many as you have.

Here are the loose criteria:

  • You may recommend any sort of book you like – fiction, non-fiction, memoir, comic – so long as you’ve read it and enjoyed it.  It does not need to be current, recent, or trendy.
  • I don’t want to dictate a particular type of book, but summer reading books generally fall on the “lighter” end of the mood spectrum.  Translation: I don’t mind dense or even scholarly books (and in fact tend to enjoy them like the nerd I am), but let’s try to steer clear of the sort of grimly depressing texts that might sink the general mood of a vacation, eh? (Don’t worry – we’ll save those for the winter book list!)
  • The books don’t need to be specifically “Christian” in nature, but keep in mind that this is a book list composed with fellow believers in mind.
  • Feel free to repost some version of this on your own blog – just link back here if you do, and let me know so that I can see what kind of books people are recommending elsewhere!

If you want to contribute, rec a book or two or ten in the comments.



4 thoughts on “The Great Summer Book List

  1. Here’s some lighter, non-fiction that I loved: Unoffendable by Brant Hansen; Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander; The Parables of Jesus by John MacArthur; The Art of Neighboring by John Pathak.


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