I Have A New Book Available For Kindle And In Paperback!

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I am very pleased and proud to present to you Calming The Seas: A Prayer Book For Today When You’re Anxious About Tomorrow.  This is a book that grew largely out of my struggles with worry and anxiety and my frustration over not being able to pray the way I wanted to when I was overcome by them.  Here’s a description:

When anxiety and worry strike, whether over a season or over the course of a lifetime, they choke prayer. They scatter the thoughts and distract the mind, making it a struggle to maintain coherent and meaningful communication with God. That’s why, when anxiety strikes, we need a muscle-memory, reflexive prayer response that we can rely on.

This book of prayers, based on Scripture, is a step in that direction.

Calming The Seas will get you in the habit of praying before the storm, in the calm when everything’s going well, in preparation for the worrying times ahead. It will help you find prayers that will give you words in the middle of the storm, when anxiety has a firm grip on you. And it will allow you to linger after the worst is over, rejoicing over God’s provision.

We can’t always avoid life’s trials. But when anxiety and worry descend, we can find a way to preserve our intimacy with God through it all.

Calm seas wait ahead.

I’d obviously love it if you purchased the book, and I hope that you do so if you feel led.  If you know someone who might enjoy it, or if you want to promote this book in your own blog or even by word of mouth, I’d appreciate that, too!  But above all, I covet your prayers: that this book would do what God intends for it to do, and that it reaches anyone God might intend it to reach.

You can find the Kindle version here.

The paperback version (something I am trying through Amazon’s new paperback beta system) is available here.

Thanks in advance.  I hope you enjoy the book!


3 thoughts on “I Have A New Book Available For Kindle And In Paperback!

  1. Is the book cover Ireland? It looks similar to shots I took in Ireland. Good for you that you keep on writing! I keep meaning to start on another book and do not. Although I do have a rough draft of a booklet.


    1. Most excellent catch, Laura! It was indeed Ireland – one of the views from our drive around Slea Head and the west coast. (We’re going back this summer to see Donegal and I can hardly wait.)

      And thanks! I’ve no doubt your draft will come into its own when the time is right – and it’s always good to have a rough draft or two hanging around.

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