2nd Blogiversary!

My blog is two years old today!

Back when I started Samaritan’s Song, I had the idea that it was a simple and direct way to accomplish something that mattered a great deal to me: writing to honor God.  I didn’t expect it to be so beneficial to my own spiritual journey, but it’s forced me to challenge myself and it’s kept me way more honest with my own Bible study than I ever expected.

The best part, though, has been meeting all of you: those of you who leave thoughtful comments, those who hang out and read without commenting, the faithful folks who pop up consistently, and the visitors I get from the most unexpected places.  It makes me smile.  You all help make this place, even though it’s online and we can’t meet physically, a wonderful community of brothers and sisters.  Thank you.

Now, a few bonuses and interesting tidbits:

The Jonathan study (and a book giveaway!) is coming!

Some of you may remember my Jonathan study that I put up for free here before Easter this year.  It’s on the last leg of being revised and it’ll soon be available in both paperback and electronic versions.  This is, without a doubt, the study I am proudest of having written and it came from a lot of personal struggle with God in my own life.  I’ll announce publication details when they are available, but I’ll also be doing a book giveaway!  So keep your eyes peeled.

Some Neat Stats

The Problem of Christian Float remains my most popular post of this year so far; my Introvert’s Confession Series (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2) and my post on the fundamental and necessary unfairness of the prodigal son parable also remain some of the most popular posts on the blog.

Also, you lovely people come from everywhere: the most-frequent visitors to the blog are from the US and the UK, but readers from Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Ghana are right behind.  I’ve also been blessed to have readers from India, the EU, the Philippines, UAE, South Korea…  The list goes on and on.  Welcome!  I’m so grateful you pop by my blog.

I look forward to many more years here, and I’m happy that Samaritan’s Song is old enough now to throw tantrums and consider attending preschool.  Hopefully there’s a lot more growth in the year ahead!

Thanks again.







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