Jonathan Study On Sale Now!

So hey, all – good news!  My Jonathan study – which I published originally for free here over a span of 6-7 weeks – is now edited and available for sale on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback as Jonathan: From Sovereign To Servant!

If you enjoyed the study, please do consider picking up a copy or recommending it to someone you know.  And if you want to leave a review, please do that as well – Amazon books pretty much rise or fall on the number of reviews they receive.

Above all, I covet your prayers that this study would accomplish what God intends it to: it is very dear to my heart for a lot of reasons.  Maybe one day I’ll blog about that.

And if you’re unfamiliar with this whole Jonathan thing or you missed the previous study or posts, then let me introduce you: it’s a Bible study covering the life of, well, Jonathan, and a discussion of the significance of seemingly insignificant service – even when it’s difficult, even when it’s unfair, and even when we can’t see what the results might be.

The study is available for Kindle here.

It is available in paperback here.

I also have a book giveaway coming, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks in advance for your support, and most especially for your prayers.


3 thoughts on “Jonathan Study On Sale Now!

  1. “Amazon books pretty much rise or fall on the number of reviews they receive.” – To anyone reading this, yes, in our day, amazon reviews are extremely important for a book!! Please, please write reviews, esp for self-pub or small press books and new authors. A review can be brief, and need not be long and detailed. Authors need you, readers!

    Samaritansong, there is an unknown number with Amazon reviews – that if you get that many it boosts you on amazon – your book will be on “customer also bought” lists, etc. I’ve seen it said that the number is 25 or 50. Well, 25 is not it as I got 26 and it did not do anything. Who knows what the number is! But the point is, the more amazon reviews the better. And other sites too – like goodreads help authors. It is easy to copy and paste a review to several sites.

    But as you emphasize – prayer. For the Christian and Christian book, there is that balance of prayer/trust and promoting.


    1. I do wish more people knew this! I had heard that the # was 50, but yes, reports about precisely what it is vary. It IS very meaningful to the search algorithms, where your book pops up or doesn’t, and all sorts of other things. Regardless, the more reviews, the better. It’s a wonderful (free!) way to support Christian writers that you really enjoy.

      And always prayer with the promotion, as you say. And faith that the book will do what it’s meant to, and be what it’s meant to be, so long as we do the best we can on our end of things.

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      1. It really takes so little to help an author, yet it is hard to get people to do so. For example, simply clicking like on facebook helps a post (about a book, or whatever for that matter) to get seen by more people. Just click like people! Please. ; ) But seriously.

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