Book Giveaway Reminder (And An Author Page Error)!

A reminder that you have only a couple of more days to enter my giveaway for a free paperback copy of Jonathan: From Sovereign To Servant!  You can enter by commenting on this entry or, as most others have, by contacting me via my form here.

Also, I just noticed that my Amazon author page contains a book (Perfect Ten) erroneously attributed to me (probably because the author and I share the same name).  I contacted Amazon and they’ll have it removed in one to three days.  In the meantime, a reminder that these are the books I have authored on Amazon:

Humility: The Misunderstood Virtue

The Hunger Blessing

The Christian Introvert’s Handbook

Calming The Seas: A Prayer Book For Today When You’re Anxious About Tomorrow

Jonathan: From Sovereign To Servant

The winner of the book will be chosen on the 29th and announced on the 30th.  If you want a shot at a free paperback, do enter!



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