Some Posts To Peruse

I’m bowing out early this week thanks to some pre-Christmas holiday festivities, but I wanted to leave you some reading material – so check out these past posts!  I deliberately chose posts that are not necessarily the most popular, but ones that, at the time of writing, were deeply meaningful to me and marked important points in my spiritual walk.  Enjoy, and I’ll be back on a regular blogging schedule next week!

1. From The Far Shore: on dealing with death and finding comfort

2. The Complexity of the Psalms: on how we can get reductive with complex Scriptures

3. The Personal Beatitude: on where to turn when you feel useless to God

4. The Usefulness of Ritual: on why I find particular church rituals meaningful and important

5. Or pick a review from my reviews section, all of which I enjoy writing because I enjoy reading so much!



5 thoughts on “Some Posts To Peruse

  1. I’ll be reading the one on rituals….we tend to downplay these, but I have found having a book of prayers can be a wonderful way to stay focused as we struggle with finding words..And I think rituals help get our bodies involved; the Bible is full of whole body worship.

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      1. I have enjoyed the traditional Book of Common Prayer, now online, since wiser Christians recommended it (I used to think it would be “weird” to do that)…and then other books written on specific topics such as Praying for Your Adult Children, (Omartian) or Praying for ….X…when the author concludes the chapter by ending in a model prayer we can use. Blessings and have a joyous Christmas!


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