2020 Advent Challenge

As I mentioned in my previous post, Advent is different this year. But different isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As I was thinking about ways believers might approach the season, I decided to create my own Advent calendar: challenges to put me in a right mind and a right heart for the season.

My criteria for the challenges was as follows:

  • In general, they needed to bring the participant closer to Christ or cultivate a Christlike heart and spirit.
  • They needed to be low-cost and practical for people without a lot of money.
  • Many of them should be doable even for those with limited mobility or who might be ill this season.
  • Advent should be a time of giving and serving in God’s love rather than pleasing ourselves (although in fairness, I think a lot of the challenges will be enjoyable!)

Although the liturgical season of Advent lasts this year from November 29-December 24, I am aware that many calculate Advent from December 1-December 24. So the 2020 Advent Challenge doesn’t adhere to the calendar per se: it simply contains 24 different practices you might engage in during the season. Do a couple in one day, stretch one out for several days: the challenge is as flexible as you would like it to be.

The challenge is available here as a free .pdf:

I’d love to hear how the challenge goes for you, if you decide to try it, so please leave me a comment and let me know! Above all, I am praying for all of you a safe and blessed Advent that brings you closer to God.


2 thoughts on “2020 Advent Challenge

  1. I love this! Thank you for taking the time to create this list! I must admit I took a peek at day 2…before its time. My birdfeeder really does need filling – – perfect timing for that reminder! 😊


    1. So glad you like it, Lauri! And I am a peek-ahead person myself so I can hardly blame you. 🙂 We hadn’t refilled our feeders for a time and when we did over the holiday we were shocked by the sheer amount of birds – a good reminder of how appreciated the seed can be!

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