Weekly Round-Up

Oof.  I think I might be grateful when this weekend is over – but as always, it’s a pleasure to put up the weekly roundup.  Please feel free to ask for prayer either here or over at the “Prayer” link on the mainpage.  Check out the music section while you’re at it!  And now, without further ado…

This week’s posts focused on mindful speech, always doing your best, grieving for Emanuel AME, and Father’s Day.  I am also pleased to announce an upcoming study: Humility: The Misunderstood Virtue

Alas, humility has a tendency to be associated with…well, doormats, and secular thinkers like Friedrich Nietzsche have condemned it as both a weakness and a slave-like, mindless way of thinking.  In reality, humility is infinitely more complicated, and I’ve come to suspect that even as believers we struggle with cultivating it.  This study is meant to not only dispel some of the erroneous notions around what humility means and what it looks like in believers, but will ideally help us identify the places in our daily lives that we struggle with pride and could stand to adjust our attitude.

The once-a-week study will start on Monday, June 22, and will last for six weeks.  You may join in at any time.  Once the study begins, simply check the Study link for relevant details and materials.

Have a blessed Sunday, all!


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