This study is now being edited and revised for publication.   When it is available for purchase, there will be an announcement both here and on my blog’s homepage.



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    1. There are no special instructions! 🙂 And thanks so much for the RT! Sometime Sunday-ish I’ll be posting a little more info – basically I’ll be posting one study here a week with all the relevant materials for people to read/consider/discuss over the week, and then probably opening a post on the blog for comments and discussion. I’m looking forward to it! And I’ll be excited to have you on board. 🙂

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  1. I remember a recent Bible Study where two or three people were talking about and changing subjects so quickly that by the time I had gathered my thoughts for the first thing, they had already begun to wrap up the second thing and move onto the third. I just sat there in silence. The next week we switched classes and I had sufficient time to really gather my thoughts – I blew them all away with my deep reservoir of knowledge because I had time to fish out and form a coherent thought. Now they sort of expect for me to dazzle them, last week one of them said – “Why didn’t you get into a debate or something? You’re the only one smart enough to give the teacher a run for his money!” I didn’t know how to respond to her on the spot, but I was thinking that this sort of class isn’t set up for debate, it’s purpose to transfer knowledge that one party has to another party who does not have it, debates would not help anyone especially if there was nothing to debate. I worry that some of them have gotten the idea that because I know stuff that I should be a teacher, because that makes sense in their extroverted world; it’s just not my idea of the best way to be helpful. The thing about fishing for thoughts is that a lot of time the time you feel like you come up empty and that’s a lot of pressure to expect of a person to always come up with something brilliant once a week.


    1. The communication differences can really be so huge. And yeah, that “fishing for thoughts” issue is a toughie. Introverts really need to be able to have space without a spotlight to sort of figure out what it is they want to say and be able to articulate it without this huge pressure and expectation building up behind it.

      And yes, it’s important to figure out what your “best way to be helpful” is without necessarily succumbing to other people’s. I think sometimes churches are so desperate to “plug people in” that the minute we see someone exhibit a sign of ability in any area we sort of point them to a gap where we think they’ll fit, without taking into account the individuality, or their personality!

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