Upcoming Six-Week Study: The Hunger Blessing

Easter’s over, and that can only mean one thing:

It’s time to start a six-week Bible study.

The timing isn’t accidental. Easter can beget spiritual focus, but all too often we leave that new enthusiasm behind with the holiday.  Instead, we ought to use that energy to power through the post-Easter lull and commit ourselves to grow and learn in our faith.  It’s in that spirit, then, that I want to kick off a Bible study on April 3: The Hunger Blessing.

It’s only been over this past year that I’ve learned how important it is to want to want God.  To want to want His love.  To want to want to be committed to an intimate walk with Him.  Contrary to what we may believe, a desire for God – and a desire for loving intimacy with God – doesn’t just magically grow within us as the days go by.  It’s something we have to seek and pursue, actively.

And it is a quest that God will bless in great abundance.  I promise. More importantly, He promises.

If you’re not really feeling as hungry for God as you’d like, this is the study for you.  Because we’re never as hungry as we ought to be, and while our desire for God ought to be insatiable and bottomless, it hardly ever is.  So let’s work through this six-week study not in pursuit of fulfillment, but instead in pursuit of hunger and desire for the risen Lord.

The study will last six weeks and I usually publish each week’s study around the Sunday/Monday of each week – there will be a devotional/reading segment, questions to consider, and some practical points of action.  Once the study begins on April 3 , you’ll find it here, and I will post regular announcements on my blog as a reminder.  Remember: my studies are free when I post them online, and then later I edit them and publish them as e-books.

Please join in this study with me!  Tell your friends, and come packing your honest experiences, thoughts, and hopes.  I can’t wait, and I hope you can’t either.

See you on the 3rd!



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