Maybe It’s Time To Think About Memorizing Scripture

I want to memorize Scripture. I also don't want to turn God's word into a dreaded chore or a rote task, so I'm trying to do it my own way. [Click title to read more.]

Get A Travel Bible! There Are Uses For It You Might Not Expect

My new travel Bible has provided me some interesting and unexpected joys. [Click title to read more.]

Five Strategies To Stop “Learning Loss” In The Church

Rather than learn or study or interact with the word of God on our own, we're often depending on relationships to do it for us. While that's a fine practice, it's becoming a struggle for people to engage with God outside of a relational context, on an individual level. And that's a problem. [Click title to read more.]

Approaching Revelation With A Different Perspective

I've always had a vexed relationship with Revelation, and I think most of the church does. Over the centuries believers have treated this book of the Bible as a decoder ring for current events, but in reality, it is worth a lot more than that and we should approach it as more than that. [Click title to read more.]