God Is Good To Me

I praise the Lord of the Little Moments for the small, the simple, and the step away from anything too complicated. [Click title to read more.]

An Accounting of Miracles, Major and Minor

Sometimes we forget to talk about our miracles, because we live in a culture where miracles aren't considered commonplace. [Click title to read more.]

Paying Attention To God (And Your Own Mind)

We talk a lot about hearing God and paying attention to Him, but we have a habit of then immediately turning on every device and engaging in every activity within reach, often with mindless fervor. No wonder we can't hear anything! [Click title to read more.]

God Of The Sparrows

In May of 2017 in a garden-variety suburb in a garden-variety state in America, a country which contains 321 million people, in a world which contains around 7 billion people, a starling died in a dryer vent and God noticed. His authority and His power do not render Him distant even from the smallest details. [Click title to read more.]