A Christmas Prayer

A Christmas prayer as we settle into the holidays. [Click title to read more.]

Re-Establishing The Habit Of Spiritual Intimacy With God In Times Of Leisure

When the holidays arrive, our spiritual walk slows to a crawl. Here's how to avoid it. [Click title to read more.]

New Year’s Resolutions and the Myth of Change

Mark my word: things will change for you this year. The person you will be at the cusp of 2018 will not be, God willing, the same person who walked into 2017. [Click title to read more.]

People Don’t Just Get Hungry At Christmas

At the end of the holiday season, many Christians are overwhelmed by the blitz of giving. The problem is that need doesn't just occur during the holiday season; it's year round, and hunger doesn't fade when the Christmas lights do. [Click title to read more.]