New Year’s Resolutions and the Myth of Change

Mark my word: things will change for you this year. The person you will be at the cusp of 2018 will not be, God willing, the same person who walked into 2017. [Click title to read more.]

Be Open To Correction From Unexpected Places

In our Christian lives, we tend to develop hierarchies: hierarchies of age, of authority. The problem is that as we ascend those hierarchies, as we grow in power, in age, or in knowledge, we often tend to entrench ourselves in our positions and ideas. We assume we are almost always right - or, at the very least, righter than those "beneath" us. [Click title to read more.]


A Meditation On Summer’s End

Slow down. Enjoy everything the coming season has to offer. Fall is short, but winter is long. Take each day as it comes, and give the Lord His crown as the king of your day. [Click title to read more.]

Stop Caring So Much About Results

Sometimes you give your all and the results are nothing great. Nothing special. Sometimes actively awful. That doesn't always mean you're doing it wrong. [Click title to read more.]

The Transformation Is Not Because Of You

You are not responsible for your own goodness. The person you are "after" Christ has everything to do with God, and very little to do with you at all. [Click title to read more.]