The Art of Holding Back

Many believers see themselves as truth-tellers, and well we should. The Bible demands that we speak in truth and in honesty and authenticity at all times, concealing nothing and without dissembling; that is, by the way, precisely why it's wrong for me to tell those white lies. But many believers also believe that truth-telling means "saying how you feel about everything at all times, no matter how hurtful or cruel, whether asked or unasked." And that is not what Biblical truth-telling is. [Click title to read more.]


Be Open To Correction From Unexpected Places

In our Christian lives, we tend to develop hierarchies: hierarchies of age, of authority. The problem is that as we ascend those hierarchies, as we grow in power, in age, or in knowledge, we often tend to entrench ourselves in our positions and ideas. We assume we are almost always right - or, at the very least, righter than those "beneath" us. [Click title to read more.]

Get Over Your Fear Of Being Wrong

A lot of believers go through life never questioning themselves about anything. They never confront the possibility that they might be wrong. Ever. [Click title to read more.]

How To Receive Criticism Gracefully

Accepting criticism gracefully was a skill I had to learn over time as a part of my Christian walk. So I thought I'd write about five easy ways to do that here for those of us who find that any sort of criticism, merited or not, stings more than it ought. [Click title to read more.]