When Confidence Looks Like Callousness

I don't think we often realize it, but sometimes Christian confidence expressed in the wrong way can look a lot like Christian callousness - even when it's well-meaning. And compassion is the only way to leaven it. [Click title to read more.]

Fellowship Is What Happens – Or Should Happen – In Times Of Church Conflict And Disagreement

I fear that, over time, the church has lost its grasp of what fellowship actually is. We've reduced it to a positive, feel-good form of engagement: bonding at a Bible study, chatting over chips and dips, believers going out in kayaks together. And that's surely a part of fellowship, but not the entirety of it. Fellowship is what ought to happen - what needs to happen - at these crisis points when egregious wrongs have been committed and everyone is (justifiably!) angry and hurt. [Click title to read more.]


We Just Don’t Know

So much of the Bible emphasizes listening, avoiding careless or hasty speech, and being considerate of others. And so much of that is because we don't know the hidden depths of each human we meet, nor can we understand their hopes and fears and dreams and struggles. [Click title to read more.]