Stop Pretending You’ve Mastered The Fundamentals

Most of us are very bad at putting the fundamentals of our faith into practice, for all that we know them by heart. [Click title to read more.]

A Research Literacy Primer For Christians: Or, Why Christians Need To Be Skeptical When Looking Up Information

I thought it might be worthwhile to offer up this little primer: a series of very basic tips about how to evaluate and assess all that "Christian" information you might stumble across online or in the bookstore.

Monday Morning: Making Your Spiritual Practices Work Better When Your Hair Is On Fire

I don't want God to be a chore, or one more thing that I have to do for the day. Here are five things I've started doing to make my Monday spiritual practices a little more bearable. [Click title to read more.]

What I Learned From Being Quiet

In the process of fasting from certain types of speech, I'm actually discovering more about how to speak: to be direct and kind, to think about why I'm saying what I'm saying, to make my words matter more when they come out. [Click title to read more.]

A View On “Biblical Literacy”

The key to Biblical literacy is that all of us - even those who pass Biblical literacy quizzes with 100% scores - need to work on always knowing the Bible better, regardless of the amount of knowledge we currently possess. [Click title to read more.]