Loving Service Should Not Be A Transaction

I think that, as believers, we're often raised up with the concept of results-oriented evangelism and the sense that our love and service is an investment for which we will eventually see a tangible return. [Click title to read more.]

God Values Your Creative Ministry

All too often I suspect our faith is bound by the laws of logic - if not the logic of reason, then our own peculiar logic of how things are and how the universe should be. Or even by the logic of what our churches say "proper" ministry should look like. [Click title to read more.]


Serving Outside The Church

I do fear that as increasing activities encourage us to spend more and more time in the church building, our time in the world is shrinking. And that is a dangerous thing. Out in the world is where we will meet most non-believers; out in the world is where we can serve most non-believers. [Click title to read more.]