There Is An Endpoint To Your Suffering

Your suffering and your hurt won't go on and on without end. The pain has an end date. [Click title to read more.]


The Banner Year: Or, God’s Definition of Significance

I thought God's promise that this would be a banner year would translate to success and opportunity. It hasn't, at least not yet, and that may be even better - whether it's what I wanted or not. [Click title to read more.]

The Miracle Of Ordinary

Concepts like "talking to God" and "worshiping the risen Savior" have grown to be as fundamental a part of my life as washing the dishes, and sometimes about as glamorous. But we shouldn't devalue the common miracles of our faith. [Click title to read more.]

Find A Way To Pay Attention To Patterns In Your Christian Life

Picking out patterns in your spiritual life is a great way to figure out what needs work, what's already working, and how God is shaping your life. [Click title to read more.]