A Research Literacy Primer For Christians: Or, Why Christians Need To Be Skeptical When Looking Up Information

I thought it might be worthwhile to offer up this little primer: a series of very basic tips about how to evaluate and assess all that "Christian" information you might stumble across online or in the bookstore.

This Is Your Permission To Walk Away For Today.

It used to be - at some point in the distant past - that the internet was an elective practice in my life, something I chose to do in the same way that I chose to craft with polymer clay or write poetry. I could go online, find something I was looking for, do some reading, and then scamper back off. I used it; it was a tool. [Click title to read more.]


Hold The Space For Questions

We should strive to be the Local Friendly Christian: the person who's always willing and able to help answer questions or give information or simply ponder aloud, without demanding that people surmount the barriers of our church walls and two small groups just to gain an audience with us. [Click title to read more.]