This Is Your Permission To Walk Away For Today.

It used to be - at some point in the distant past - that the internet was an elective practice in my life, something I chose to do in the same way that I chose to craft with polymer clay or write poetry. I could go online, find something I was looking for, do some reading, and then scamper back off. I used it; it was a tool. [Click title to read more.]

7 Things Seekers Want To See On Your Church Website

My husband and I have recently started church-hunting. As a part of that process, we - like so many others of our generation - turned to the Internet first. We used Google maps to identify the churches nearby, and then to narrow down the prospects we started visiting websites: some good, some bad, some incomprehensible. In light of that, I thought it might be useful to offer up a list of things I, and most seekers (believers or otherwise), might be searching for when we find your church on the web. [Click title to read more.]

How To Be A Christian Online

As Christians, we tend to talk a lot about the Internet - what should and should not be accessible on it and how we should or should not handle that - but not about who we are on the Internet. In what ways does our faith inform our technology? Or, more to the point: how do we behave like Christians on the internet? [Click title to read more.]

Christian Self-Image and the Internet

If you spend much time on social media without the necessary brain-filters - as younger people do - you start to feel inadequate. It's inevitable. Everyone is prettier than you. They're going to more exciting places than you. Their talents are better than yours and what they're eating looks better than what you just ate. Their boyfriends and girlfriends smile, flawless, in pictures. Their material possessions, sometimes literally, sit in piles on their beds to be envied. [Click title to read more.]