Losing The Sense of Entitlement

I wonder more and more if a sense of entitlement isn't the curse of the modern Christian. I've been convicted about it lately, this concept that I have: that there are certain things in life that I deserve and should have, and that not having them represents a violation of some sort of pact God never actually even made with me. [Click title to read more.]


The Forgotten Children

There are girls I think of often. One was my best friend as a child.  In the third grade, we cut holes into trash bags and then put them on so we could be black horses, and pranced around in the yard neighing and pretending uncooked spaghetti was hay.  She visited me all the time, … Continue reading The Forgotten Children

Christian Self-Image and the Internet

If you spend much time on social media without the necessary brain-filters - as younger people do - you start to feel inadequate. It's inevitable. Everyone is prettier than you. They're going to more exciting places than you. Their talents are better than yours and what they're eating looks better than what you just ate. Their boyfriends and girlfriends smile, flawless, in pictures. Their material possessions, sometimes literally, sit in piles on their beds to be envied. [Click title to read more.]

The Childfree Christian

My husband and I are confident and comfortable that God has not led us to have children. We're also aware that not having children makes us outliers in God's body. Here's what you need to know about the childless or childfree Christians among you. [Click title to read more,]

Cultivating A Sense Of Wonder Is A Christian Act

Wonder is a quality that we must embrace and cultivate as believers. We live in an often-cynical world, heavy with pessimism. Unironic enthusiasm and delight sometimes seems out of style, and out of step. But as Christians, wonder is part and parcel of our experience. [Click title to read more.]

One Reason Children Raised In The Church Leave It Behind

Few young Christians are prepared in a rigorous, individual way, to continue to choose Christianity for themselves beyond the walls of their church or an "inherited" faith. Not many have the tools to, as the Bible puts it, "work out" their salvation - to go beyond the commitment of a moment to the commitment of a lifetime. [Click title to read more.]