Leaving A Legacy Through Relationship

It's important that Christians not neglect the joys of a mentoring relationship, but it's equally important that we recognize those relationships when we enter our lives - or where they might be present already. [Click title to read more.]

The Art of Shifting Perspective

There are times when I simply don't understand people: why they do what they do, why they care about what they do, why they're concerned about something that seems insignificant to me. I suspect most of us have that problem from time to time, and it can challenge our ability to show compassion. [Click title to read more.]


A Believer’s Longing

I suspect that all humans experience that longing for pure communion with God and the world that was once meant to be, that our desperate desire to return to it has been coded into our DNA. [Click title to read more.]

What Does Christian Disagreement Look Like?

I'm the sort of person who apologizes even without having done anything wrong, just to smooth over an argument; I hesitate before taking a stance that might cause conflict. And yet the more I study, the more I realize that Christian disagreement both with believers and nonbelievers can be a beautiful, productive thing: we just have to learn the skill and then hone it over time. [Click title to read more.]

The Phrase I Want To Banish: “I Was Saved”

I'm not sure I like how limited the phrase "I was saved" can be, that it refers to salvation in the past tense. When I hear the phrase "I got saved" I always picture Jesus scooping up someone from the "nonbeliever" box and then dropping them in the "believer" box. Poof. There you go. Finis. The transformation is complete! It isn't. But sometimes we act as though it is. [Click title to read more.]