This New Year, Vow To Be Your Brother’s Keeper

A strong and unmistakable mandate of the Christian ethos - one of Christianity's defining characteristics - is that we are to love and care both for those who love us, and for those who do not. We are heart-obligated to the community around us. [Click title to read more.]

A Believer’s Longing

I suspect that all humans experience that longing for pure communion with God and the world that was once meant to be, that our desperate desire to return to it has been coded into our DNA. [Click title to read more.]

God’s Sacrifice

I still don't know why God does what he does. I still wonder about the tension between what God can do and what God will do and why sometimes our faith doesn't move mountains - even when we have as much as we can muster. But God asks so little of us in comparison to what He has demanded of Himself to love us. Truly, He is not far. [Click title to read more.]