The Honest Believer Is A Precious Gift

The Christian life is good. It is full of blessings and joy, and it is the privilege of walking alongside God and speaking to Him as a friend. It is also full, at times, of unanswered questions, hurts that seem as though they might not heal, bewildering events, and circumstances that we have no idea how to plan for. Bless the believers who acknowledge this. [Click title to read more.]


We All Want To Be Peters, But Maybe We’re Nathanaels

You don't have to be a Peter. You don't have to have a splashy story full of betrayal and impulsivity and ups and downs to matter to Jesus. [Click title to read more.]

Mighty Indeed: The Hawk and The Orioles

Christians could take a few lessons from those tenacious little orioles, and one of them is this: it's okay to try something absurd. Do the thing that doesn't seem like it will work, but that you feel called nonetheless to do. Aim higher than reason allows. [Click title to read more.]

It’s Okay To Be Earnest

We live in a world of artifice, where more often than not genuine enthusiasm and passion for something - for anything! - can be interpreted as caring too much, as trying too hard, as not being critical/cynical/skeptical enough. Our culture maintains a healthy scorn for those it deems to be enjoying themselves too much. But Christians should be different. [Click title to read more.]

This New Year, Vow To Be Your Brother’s Keeper

A strong and unmistakable mandate of the Christian ethos - one of Christianity's defining characteristics - is that we are to love and care both for those who love us, and for those who do not. We are heart-obligated to the community around us. [Click title to read more.]

Preparing For Thanksgiving With Hearts of Gratitude

Thoughts on gratitude and some pre-Thanksgiving testimonies that will help us remember the spiritual, and not material, blessings of the season. [Click title to read more.]