We All Want To Be Peters, But Maybe We’re Nathanaels

You don't have to be a Peter. You don't have to have a splashy story full of betrayal and impulsivity and ups and downs to matter to Jesus. [Click title to read more.]

Mighty Indeed: The Hawk and The Orioles

Christians could take a few lessons from those tenacious little orioles, and one of them is this: it's okay to try something absurd. Do the thing that doesn't seem like it will work, but that you feel called nonetheless to do. Aim higher than reason allows. [Click title to read more.]

Christmas Is A Beginning

Christians--instinctively, I think--tend to divide up our understanding of Jesus-as-baby versus Jesus-as-savior. The cosmic moment, the violent sacrifice, the grand and undying love: we save our contemplation of those things for Easter. But they started in the manger. [Click title to read more.]

Preparing For Thanksgiving With Hearts of Gratitude

Thoughts on gratitude and some pre-Thanksgiving testimonies that will help us remember the spiritual, and not material, blessings of the season. [Click title to read more.]