We All Want To Be Peters, But Maybe We’re Nathanaels

You don't have to be a Peter. You don't have to have a splashy story full of betrayal and impulsivity and ups and downs to matter to Jesus. [Click title to read more.]

Mighty Indeed: The Hawk and The Orioles

Christians could take a few lessons from those tenacious little orioles, and one of them is this: it's okay to try something absurd. Do the thing that doesn't seem like it will work, but that you feel called nonetheless to do. Aim higher than reason allows. [Click title to read more.]


Christmas Is A Beginning

Christians--instinctively, I think--tend to divide up our understanding of Jesus-as-baby versus Jesus-as-savior. The cosmic moment, the violent sacrifice, the grand and undying love: we save our contemplation of those things for Easter. But they started in the manger. [Click title to read more.]

Preparing For Thanksgiving With Hearts of Gratitude

Thoughts on gratitude and some pre-Thanksgiving testimonies that will help us remember the spiritual, and not material, blessings of the season. [Click title to read more.]

The Little Steps Matter

A lot of us confuse "progress" with "enormous accomplishment." But progress is moving forward. And everyone's progress is going to look different, because we all start at different places, with different gifts, and different resources. [Click title to read more.]

You Are The Window To Wonder In A Skeptical World

Most people look askance at the mere concept of miracles in general. Or angels. Or an afterlife. The idea that humans might be part of a bigger, broader story, that there is something epic and cosmic and important above and beyond us, has fallen into irrelevance beside the urgency of now. And that is why love matters. [Click title to read more.]