Why Our Culture Undervalues Sacrifice

When I talk about undervaluing sacrifice, I'm talking about how we undervalue everyday sacrifice: the 90% of moments that involve giving up something not-so-big for something that not everyone agrees is really important. [Click title to read more.]

Christian Peer Pressure: When It’s Okay To Be Out Of Step Sometimes

The thing is, peer pressure to participate in certain activities or trends or events exists among Christians as much as it exists in any other group, and I'd argue that for Christians it's especially difficult to navigate, because we often wonder if it's okay not to like something "godly," or to want to do something different than all of the believers around us are doing. When is it okay to take a pass and not participate, to be the odd duck of the group? [Click title to read more.]


To Those Who Are Struggling

On the frustrating day, on the dark day, on the hopeless day, our prayers and our faith - tarnished and stumbling and broken as they are - shine brighter. And what matters the most is not if they are strong, and not if they are hopeful, and not if they are packed with praise, but that they are there at all. [Click title to read more.]

Let God Prepare The Heart (And The Harvest)

Sometimes I think we believe we have to do it all ourselves: that we have to pick people we suspect are in need, that we have to make them understand the lack in their life, that we have to sell Jesus to them like a product - to make Him valuable enough that people will want to take Him home. But we are intermediaries, sent by God to help people along in the process that He has already started. [Click title to read more.]

Don’t Say “I’ll Pray For You” (Unless You’re Willing To Follow Up)

Prayer can't become a believer's band-aid. It can't become that thing we do so that we don't have to do anything else. In the times that it's possible to do more than shoot a wish skyward, we are obligated to do so - for those to whom much is given, much is required. Follow up. Give. Care. Our role in grace-giving does not end the moment the words leave our lips. Love does not stop at the foot of the throne. [Click title to read more.]

Wayfaring Stranger

The Bible exhorts us constantly to be awake and alert - to keep our lamps lit, to keep our eyes open. These admonitions are usually given in the context of Christ's return, to remind us that we never know when He will come. This is true, and yet I think those instructions are also useful to apply to the current moment, as well. [Click title to read more.]