Christian Men Are Not A Monolith

It's frustrating to me, sometimes, to see Christian materials that treat "the Christian man" as if he is one particular sort of being, and not a very enlightened one at that. [Click title to read more.]

Listen To Their Stories

That's why it's important to listen. Not just to the stories of your family members, but of your church elders, your dear friends, the people who matter to you. In the narrative of their lives - in all the details of what you don't yet know - you will see, in surprising and strange and subtle ways, the glorious and wonderful work of God. [Click title to read more.]


Believers Don’t Need To Be Friends To Be Family

As Christians, I think we sometimes feel that if we're not good friends with all our fellow believers, we're doing it wrong. That if our brothers and sisters are not also our constant brunch buddies and going-out companions and soul siblings, we've failed or we won't be able to maintain a Christlike relationship. But that isn't true. [Click title to read more.]

Ministry to the Childfree And Those With Nontraditional Families

As I grow older, I become more and more aware that I'm part of an odd, niche demographic: the childfree family. And we (along with other non-traditional families) don't often seem like candidates for targeted ministry. But we need our churches desperately. [Click title to read more.]