Lessons From The Suffering And Persecuted Church

What can we learn from those living under persecution? That this is the best attitude: to hold lightly to everything but cling tightly to God. [Click title to read more.]

This Holiday Season, You Have A Chance To Redefine Your Giving

May I suggest that you redefine your giving this year? Find a person, a family, a relationship that you can serve yourself, not just with material goods. Find a service that you can provide, yourself, to some people who might benefit from it. Get into the emotional and spiritual muck of serving, as well as the financial aspect. [Click title to read more.]

Get Over Your Fear Of Being Wrong

A lot of believers go through life never questioning themselves about anything. They never confront the possibility that they might be wrong. Ever. [Click title to read more.]

We Need To Rediscover The Meaning of Fellowship

I suspect that much of our current definition of fellowship - and, if I dare say it, of "doing life together" - coincides little with the concept of fellowship that the ancient church shared. [Click title to read more.]

Let’s Be Okay With Disagreement. The Bible Says We Can.

Arguments among Christians are particularly fraught because behind them always lurks the specter of salvation, of eternity, of Christ. Losing an argument feels like you are doing it "wrong," which can be frightening; no one wants to invoke God's wrath or feel like a "lesser" Christian or believe that they are blind to a truth in God's word. [Click title to read more.]

Make It Hard To Say No To God

Here's the thing: ignoring God is easier when it's a passive act. When we just sort of let it slide, when we never committed to speaking with Him in any concrete way to start, there's no moment of confrontation or decision where we must utter the truth: that we choose to ignore Him. [Click title to read more.]