Ask Hard Questions, And Learn From The Silences

Awkward silences are always going to be endemic to church activities that involve question-asking. It'll happen sooner or later. The trick, I think, is not to ignore that silence or what it might portend. [Click title to read more.]

We Need To Rediscover The Meaning of Fellowship

I suspect that much of our current definition of fellowship - and, if I dare say it, of "doing life together" - coincides little with the concept of fellowship that the ancient church shared. [Click title to read more.]

Six Teaching Tips For Sunday School Or Small Group Leaders

Many people have the calling to teach, but lack the training that might help them be better or more effective at doing so. In light of that, here's a set of six tips for teachers and small group leaders who might otherwise be going it alone. [Click title to read more.]

An Introvert’s Confession Pt. 2: How To Fix The Problems In Church “Small Groups”

Small groups propose to be different from "Sunday School" in that they are about experiencing life together, about Christians banding together in tiny tribes to work with and love each other. And if that is so, then small group life needs to extend beyond the once-a-week commitment many are willing to give to it - either that, or we need to stop pretending it's something more noble or life-enhancing than a once-a-week-study. [Click title to read more.]


An Introvert’s Confession: I Don’t Like The “Small Groups” Church Trend

In theory, at least, small groups are meant to resemble the New Testament churches. The problem, however, is that small groups have the potential to fall short of that ideal: to place an emphasis on fellowship rather than study, to cultivate shallow relationships that masquerade as serious ones, and to alienate introverted believers who prefer one-on-one time or dedicated study to group discussions and open sharing. [Click title to read more]