A Case for the Christian Intellectual

The Christian intellectual has a vital role to play in the church. [Click title to read more.]

Congratulations On Doing What You’re Supposed To Do

We tend to celebrate the bare minimum as being exceptional, without realizing that we've simply set the bar so low for ourselves that we've made the bare minimum look like an accomplishment when it's not. [Click title to read more.]

Six Teaching Tips For Sunday School Or Small Group Leaders

Many people have the calling to teach, but lack the training that might help them be better or more effective at doing so. In light of that, here's a set of six tips for teachers and small group leaders who might otherwise be going it alone. [Click title to read more.]

The Burden of the Teacher

I'm writing this because every now and then I'm struck by how easy it is for believers to become teachers. At some churches all you have to do is volunteer. And because of that, I think we can often come to view teaching casually, as though it's just another duty to fulfill or just another activity to take on. But it isn't. [Click title to read more.]

To Christians Starting College In Fall: A Letter From A College Professor

A list of things you ought to know from the fellow believer who stands at the front of the classroom [Click title to read more]

The Slow Fade of Consistent, Independent Bible Study

If believers lose the desire among themselves for consistent, individual, and independent Bible study, we've lost the core of our entire Christian walk: the foundation of our understanding of God, of Christ, of the Holy Spirit, and of what He expects and desires of us. [Click title to read more.]

As A Christian, Doing Your Best Is Not The Exception. It’s The Rule.

God obviously doesn't expect that every Christian will be a CEO or a straight-A student or first chair violin in the orchestra. But he does expect wholehearted effort, exemplary behavior, and diligent work: the fundamental elements, in other words, of a good student, a good worker, a good citizen. [Click title to read more.]