The Slow Fade of Consistent, Independent Bible Study

If believers lose the desire among themselves for consistent, individual, and independent Bible study, we've lost the core of our entire Christian walk: the foundation of our understanding of God, of Christ, of the Holy Spirit, and of what He expects and desires of us. [Click title to read more.]


Christian Peer Pressure: When It’s Okay To Be Out Of Step Sometimes

The thing is, peer pressure to participate in certain activities or trends or events exists among Christians as much as it exists in any other group, and I'd argue that for Christians it's especially difficult to navigate, because we often wonder if it's okay not to like something "godly," or to want to do something different than all of the believers around us are doing. When is it okay to take a pass and not participate, to be the odd duck of the group? [Click title to read more.]

Please Don’t Make Me Shake Hands: A Christian’s Plea

If we're not careful, the exhortation to "welcome each other" on Sunday mornings results in a slew of awkward hugs and handshakes, a few cheerful "good morning"s, and conversations between people who already know each other and want to catch up on the weekend. [Click title to read more.]