Lessons From A Robin’s Nest

In all honesty, too many of us are hothouse believers: Christians who only fully express their holy nature when the circumstances and the moment and their feelings are right. [Click title to read more.]

Spiritual Reflection Needs To Be More Than “What Am I Doing Wrong?”

It's hard to figure out how your faith walk is going if you never look at it, and yet we're often tempted to treat that sort of introspection the same way we treat food that is healthy but that we don't really want to eat: we put it on the back shelf of the fridge until it molds, and we pretend it isn't there. [Click title to read more.]


Be Wary Of Churning Out Marthas Rather Than Marys

Missing from all of our Christian "doing" is the deliberate cultivation of a reflective interior life that allows for individual growth and a changing, evolving, rich relationship with God. [Click title to read more.]

Monday Morning: Making Your Spiritual Practices Work Better When Your Hair Is On Fire

I don't want God to be a chore, or one more thing that I have to do for the day. Here are five things I've started doing to make my Monday spiritual practices a little more bearable. [Click title to read more.]

Go Beyond Thanks

In our current culture, seeing people - seeing individuals, recognizing them as valuable, recognizing them as loved by God, as unique, as special - is something a lot of us, even believers, don't have time for. [Click title to read more.]

Losing The Sense of Entitlement

I wonder more and more if a sense of entitlement isn't the curse of the modern Christian. I've been convicted about it lately, this concept that I have: that there are certain things in life that I deserve and should have, and that not having them represents a violation of some sort of pact God never actually even made with me. [Click title to read more.]

Seek The Silence

Humans need community, and Christians most of all, and we must not be so preoccupied with not being of the world that we forget we are meant to be in it. But I do think that in our current civilization we must prize a momentary withdrawal. We must, for our own sake, seek the silence. [Click title to read more.]