What Remains

It is the great gift of the Spirit that to the insignificant, significance was given. That to us with our vaporous lifespans, whose greatest works of human engineering, technology, and intelligence will inevitably collapse and fade, the chance to create an eternal and enduring legacy was given. [Click title to read more.]


Lessons From A Robin’s Nest

In all honesty, too many of us are hothouse believers: Christians who only fully express their holy nature when the circumstances and the moment and their feelings are right. [Click title to read more.]

Seek The Silence

Humans need community, and Christians most of all, and we must not be so preoccupied with not being of the world that we forget we are meant to be in it. But I do think that in our current civilization we must prize a momentary withdrawal. We must, for our own sake, seek the silence. [Click title to read more.]

Make Joy Your Legacy

A Christian clothed in gladness, to paraphrase Psalm 30:11, shines like a star in the dimness, and their value is not in the money they earn or in their productivity, but in their embrace of who and how they are: an enthusiasm and a passion that becomes contagious. [Click title to read more.]