Six Teaching Tips For Sunday School Or Small Group Leaders

Many people have the calling to teach, but lack the training that might help them be better or more effective at doing so. In light of that, here's a set of six tips for teachers and small group leaders who might otherwise be going it alone. [Click title to read more.]

The Burden of the Teacher

I'm writing this because every now and then I'm struck by how easy it is for believers to become teachers. At some churches all you have to do is volunteer. And because of that, I think we can often come to view teaching casually, as though it's just another duty to fulfill or just another activity to take on. But it isn't. [Click title to read more.]


The Art of Shifting Perspective

There are times when I simply don't understand people: why they do what they do, why they care about what they do, why they're concerned about something that seems insignificant to me. I suspect most of us have that problem from time to time, and it can challenge our ability to show compassion. [Click title to read more.]

Make Joy Your Legacy

A Christian clothed in gladness, to paraphrase Psalm 30:11, shines like a star in the dimness, and their value is not in the money they earn or in their productivity, but in their embrace of who and how they are: an enthusiasm and a passion that becomes contagious. [Click title to read more.]