Sometimes Love Is A Giant Semi In the Opposite Lane

God can show up in any number of surprising ways, so keep your eyes open. [Click title to read more.]


When We Misunderstand What God’s Favor Looks Like

Be wary of reading the tea leaves of your circumstances to deduce how God feels about you. [Click title to read more.]

Glory In Gold

In a world where all of our material goods are disposable, replaceable, and valued in dollars, the brilliant surrender of the world to winter - a transformation of color whose beauty exceeds any practical purpose - is a valuable gift that tells us a lot about the Creator, His delights, and His nature. [Click title to read more.]

Paying Attention To God (And Your Own Mind)

We talk a lot about hearing God and paying attention to Him, but we have a habit of then immediately turning on every device and engaging in every activity within reach, often with mindless fervor. No wonder we can't hear anything! [Click title to read more.]

God Of The Sparrows

In May of 2017 in a garden-variety suburb in a garden-variety state in America, a country which contains 321 million people, in a world which contains around 7 billion people, a starling died in a dryer vent and God noticed. His authority and His power do not render Him distant even from the smallest details. [Click title to read more.]

Be Wary Of Churning Out Marthas Rather Than Marys

Missing from all of our Christian "doing" is the deliberate cultivation of a reflective interior life that allows for individual growth and a changing, evolving, rich relationship with God. [Click title to read more.]