Paying Attention To God (And Your Own Mind)

We talk a lot about hearing God and paying attention to Him, but we have a habit of then immediately turning on every device and engaging in every activity within reach, often with mindless fervor. No wonder we can't hear anything! [Click title to read more.]

God Did Speak. You Just Weren’t Listening.

Those of us who clamor for "a word from God" often mean that we want God to say something to us that He has not already said. [Click title to read more.]

The Ministry of Listening

As Christians, we are all taught to talk. Evangelism is one of the first skills we learn, even as young children: say this, say that, memorize the Romans Road, learn to share. But we learn listening less or not at all, and the more time passes the more I become convinced that listening is just as vital a part of ministry and loving others. [Click title to read more.]