Maybe It’s Time To Think About Memorizing Scripture

I want to memorize Scripture. I also don't want to turn God's word into a dreaded chore or a rote task, so I'm trying to do it my own way. [Click title to read more.]

Get A Travel Bible! There Are Uses For It You Might Not Expect

My new travel Bible has provided me some interesting and unexpected joys. [Click title to read more.]

Word Themes: A Helpful Technique For Your Bible Study / Prayer Life

I've been rooting around lately for a Bible study method that helps me to a) delve into Scripture in a meaningful and active way daily, b) keeps me engaged with God throughout the day, and c) gives me a window into keeping up a consistent and rich prayer life throughout the day. Here's what's been working for me. [Click title to read more.]

Final Week of Jonathan Study Now Available!

In the end, becoming a great servant for God has more to do with consistent humility and submission in small, insignificant moments than it does with waiting for God to open some magical door to opportunity. [Click title to read more.]