What My Journey With Christian Music Taught Me

For me, Christian music was a soundtrack to the questions and decisions and worries that only a teenager could understand. It was a reminder that it was okay to just do me, and not like what everyone else liked. And it taught me to marvel at all the different ways there were to praise God. [Click title to read more.]


What It Means To Come Together

As believers, disparate as we might be in our denominations and our methods, we all belong together to the body of Christ. When you have the chance, permit that wonder to enter into your life, and don't be afraid to reach out to believers outside your denomination or worship style. [Click title to read more.]

Why Taking Photographs Is Part Of My Spiritual Walk

I am a "head person." By that, I mean I'm always thinking or daydreaming or pondering or analyzing or wondering. It's just how I am, but by virtue of being that way I'm not always present in the moment or focused on what's happening around me. Taking photographs, however, forces me out of my head and into the moment.