Shibboleths and Gatekeepers

The only word necessary to cross the great ford that separates us from God is the name of Christ, and anyone can say it. May God spare us from becoming self-anointed gatekeepers over minor and insignificant issues. [Click title to read more.]

An Apology To Catholics, Or, A Meditation On Denominational Divisions

Frankly, any of us who consider ourselves members of x denomination - and even those of who do not - differentiate ourselves from other denominations and other believers in terms of interpretation, doctrine, and practice. We ought to get along better. [Click title to read more.]

What It Means To Come Together

As believers, disparate as we might be in our denominations and our methods, we all belong together to the body of Christ. When you have the chance, permit that wonder to enter into your life, and don't be afraid to reach out to believers outside your denomination or worship style. [Click title to read more.]


One Reason Children Raised In The Church Leave It Behind

Few young Christians are prepared in a rigorous, individual way, to continue to choose Christianity for themselves beyond the walls of their church or an "inherited" faith. Not many have the tools to, as the Bible puts it, "work out" their salvation - to go beyond the commitment of a moment to the commitment of a lifetime. [Click title to read more.]