Think Of The Lonely This Holiday Season

We assume that people are fine, and so we never really know if they’re longing for connection over the holidays. [Click title to read more.]

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Fellowship Is What Happens – Or Should Happen – In Times Of Church Conflict And Disagreement

I fear that, over time, the church has lost its grasp of what fellowship actually is. We’ve reduced it to a positive, feel-good form of engagement: bonding at a Bible study, chatting over chips and dips, believers going out in kayaks together. And that’s surely a part of fellowship, but not the entirety of it. Fellowship is what ought to happen – what needs to happen – at these crisis points when egregious wrongs have been committed and everyone is (justifiably!) angry and hurt. [Click title to read more.]

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Dissecting The Church Clique

That word, “clique” – people don’t like it. And they don’t like being described with it because they associate it with cattiness and backstabbing. But that’s not the way I mean it here. When I say “church clique,” I’m simply referring to a group of Christians with a shared history whose culture (often unintentionally) is more insular than inclusive. [Click title to read more.]

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