Let People Tell You What They Need And Who They Are

I am convinced that the art of ministry rests in the discernment that we're granted by the Spirit to read hearts and genuinely listen to needs. [Click title to read more.]


How To Increase Participation In Studies and Small Groups

Tired of the awkward silence that follows a question in your Bible study or small group? Here are some techniques to improve participation. [Click title to read more.]

Quirkiness and God’s Church

The world doesn't need more salespeople for the Gospel. It doesn't need shiny ambassadors doing PR for Jesus. What it cries out for more than anything, especially in our hyper-artificial day and age, is authenticity from people who follow Jesus. [Click title to read more.]

When The Chosen Fall Short

God's children are going to fail. They are going to fail me and they are going to fail you. But the Biblical tale of an ailing boy's father is a reminder that we can't let that come between us and Christ. [Click title to read more.]