How To Be Authentically “No-Drama” Believers

Church drama is more often than not a hydra-headed monster. It might initially be caused by a particular incident or person, but over time it becomes a labyrinthine mess of believers behaving badly, all contributing to the problem without ever owning part of it. [Click title to read more.]


We’ve Lost The Benefit Of Necessity

Regardless of their own struggles, the early church seemed to have grasped the notion that the responsibility to share Jesus was theirs alone and that working together, regardless of a host of other issues, was absolutely required. [Click title to read more.]

Five Ways To Be The People You Love To Be Around

These guidelines won't turn you into an extrovert who enjoys socializing. But they will help you to become an enjoyable person to be around: someone who cares, someone who is engaged, someone who is authentically open to listening and serving. [Click title to read more.]

Details Matter Because People Do

A phone call. A text. A reminder to get in touch with that one person about that one thing. A promise to check in about something. An errand. A delivery. A note. They seem small. But when we neglect them, we neglect the people attached to them. [Click title to read more.]

Fellowship Is What Happens – Or Should Happen – In Times Of Church Conflict And Disagreement

I fear that, over time, the church has lost its grasp of what fellowship actually is. We've reduced it to a positive, feel-good form of engagement: bonding at a Bible study, chatting over chips and dips, believers going out in kayaks together. And that's surely a part of fellowship, but not the entirety of it. Fellowship is what ought to happen - what needs to happen - at these crisis points when egregious wrongs have been committed and everyone is (justifiably!) angry and hurt. [Click title to read more.]

Your “Comfortable” Is Someone Else’s Blizzard

In fact, sometimes - without even intending to - I expect that other Christians will always respond to situations or think the same things or share the same feelings or hobbies or preferences that I do. And that's hardly the case! [Click title to read more.]