I’m Conflicted About Sermons Focused On Books and Movies

I worry that we're walking into the dangerous habit of assuming that reading/watching something "Christian" is the same thing as learning what is actually in the Bible, or dwelling on Christ's teachings, or developing our own critical thinking abilities. [Click title to read more.]

The Dangers of Being Easily Influenced (By Really Good People)

When we let ourselves be too easily influenced by other Christians - even the really, super-good ones! - we run the temptation of idolizing them. And then we're crushed and brokenhearted when it turns out that they're not perfect after all. [Click title to read more.]

Speaking With Christian Authority Requires Special Consideration

When people with authority speak, their words carry a lot of weight. An insult or a slight can crush. A discouragement can stop a growing ministry in its tracks. A baseless criticism can wound a tender soul. [Click title to read more.]

On That Whole “Don’t Criticize The Pastor” Thing

The key is to understand what "criticism" really means before we tell people not to do it to the pastor. Because when we simply toss out "don't criticize the pastor" as some unquestioning edict without thinking through the nuances of what it actually means, we create a space where corruption, sin, darkness, false knowledge, and destruction can grow unchecked. [Click title to read more.]