Speaking With Christian Authority Requires Special Consideration

When people with authority speak, their words carry a lot of weight. An insult or a slight can crush. A discouragement can stop a growing ministry in its tracks. A baseless criticism can wound a tender soul. [Click title to read more.]

What I Learned From Being Quiet

In the process of fasting from certain types of speech, I'm actually discovering more about how to speak: to be direct and kind, to think about why I'm saying what I'm saying, to make my words matter more when they come out. [Click title to read more.]

Believers Have No Reason To Engage In Casual Cruelty. None.

That's the culture we're in: one where it's perfectly acceptable to be cruel, as long as you're funny and "no one gets hurt." Believers aren't exempt. [Click title to read more.]

Cultivating Careful Speech

If we aren't careful, we can reduce the revolutionary concept of cultivating careful, loving speech - words that are like "fresh water" (James 3:11) - to anodyne truisms like "don't use profanity" or "don't gossip" and sometimes "don't say mean things about people" and pretend that's enough. In reality, mastering godly speech is a far more difficult and complex endeavor. [Click title to read more.]