The Confession of Sin Can Be A Radical Act of Ministry

The mere daily act of asking for forgiveness is unique, and its ramifications as a silent ministry have the potential to be profound. [Click title to read more.]


Words Matter. Let’s Act Like They Do.

Words matter. We live in a culture that likes to pretend they don't. [Click title to read more.]

Strive For Authenticity, Not Admiration

A Christian who has attempted to avoid, smooth out, or hide from every imperfection in their life becomes removed and isolated, divorced from the purpose of their being. [Click title to read more.]

What It Looks Like To Forget God

Yes, in a world that has forgotten God, sin will reign. And in a world that has forgotten God, love will be dead, too - along with mercy, and compassion, and forgiveness. [Click title to read more.]

Watching Your Mouth

Simple honesty is best, the Bible counsels, but beware of your own limitations. Watch what you say, and don't you dare utter anything that you don't expect to be held accountable for.[Click title to read more.]

Believers Have No Reason To Engage In Casual Cruelty. None.

That's the culture we're in: one where it's perfectly acceptable to be cruel, as long as you're funny and "no one gets hurt." Believers aren't exempt. [Click title to read more.]